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Basic Etiquette For Limousine Drivers

Limousine drivers are professionals, and they deserve to be treated as such. This is important for everyone’s safety. Avoid doing anything that could put your driver in a dangerous or awkward position.

Also, remember to keep the limo clean. Don’t leave trash, empty bottles/cans, food wrappers, or personal items behind.

Arrive on Time

Limo drivers are professionals, and they deserve to be treated as such. This includes arriving on time for your limousine ride. If you are going to be late, make sure to call ahead of time and let them know. This allows them to plan accordingly and ensure that their next client isn’t kept waiting for a long time.

Also, be prepared to depart when your driver arrives at the designated pickup location. It’s best to have the entire group of people ready to go so that you don’t keep the chauffeur waiting any longer than necessary.

Some limo drivers receive less than the minimum wage from their employer and rely on tips for a portion of their earnings. Ask your chauffeur if they accept tips and how much you should leave them. Generally, it’s a good idea to tip them around 20% of the total cost for your limo service.

It is also courteous to wait for the driver to open the door of the vehicle for you as you get in and out. This is their responsibility and they take it very seriously. Don’t try to open the doors yourself, especially if you are carrying a large amount of luggage.

Finally, refrain from consuming alcoholic beverages or smoking inside the vehicle. This is against the law in some states and can cause safety risks for yourself and other passengers. Plus, consuming excessive amounts of alcohol can result in a driver being charged with driving under the influence and may lead to legal issues for the limousine owner. It’s best to always abide by state and limo company rules. It will help you enjoy your limo ride to the fullest.

Wait for the Driver to Open the Door

The luxury of renting a limousine is a great way to experience an event. However, there are some things that must be kept in mind when riding in one. One of the most important things is to wait for your chauffeur to open the door. It is their job to do this, and they take it seriously. If you attempt to enter or exit the vehicle on your own, it is viewed as poor form and disrespectful of the driver.

While this may seem like a small detail, it can make a huge difference in how your ride goes. It’s best to let the chauffeur open the doors for you and then simply enter the vehicle with ease. It is also a good idea to keep in mind that if you are riding with a bride or groom, it is appropriate to save the front seats for them. This ensures that they are comfortable throughout their trip.

When exiting the limousine, it is best to allow your chauffeur to open the door for you and then simply stand up with both feet facing the person or place that awaits you. It is considered rude to simply stomp out of the limousine head first with your rear end sticking up in the air; it’s not an elegant exit.

It is important to remember that it is customary to tip your chauffeur 10%-20% for their services, and it is generally higher for larger limousines. Tipping is always a personal choice, and if you feel that your driver deserves a lower or higher tip, be sure to speak with them about it directly and respectfully before deciding on an amount.

Be Polite

Whether you’re renting a limousine for a wedding, prom, bachelor party or other special occasion, it’s important to remember to act responsibly while you’re in the vehicle. This means avoiding foul language, smoking or drinking excessively (if permitted by the limousine company). It also helps to be polite to your driver, especially if you aren’t getting along with him or her.

It’s customary to tip limousine drivers 15-20% of the total fare, but this can vary depending on your limo service company’s policies and the level of service provided by your chauffeur. It’s important to remember that your driver is working for a living, so gratuities can make or break his or her livelihood.

When you approach a limousine, it’s courteous to allow the chauffeur to open the door for you instead of trying to enter on your own. This is the driver’s responsibility, and it allows him or her to better assess whether you will be safe if entering or exiting the vehicle.

Once you’re inside the car, be sure to remain seated until you reach your destination. It’s tempting to stand up for a better view of the city, but this can be dangerous if you don’t follow your chauffeur’s instructions.

Finally, be sure to communicate with your chauffeur if you’re planning to extend your stay or depart earlier than originally planned. This will help him or her manage traffic delays and other unforeseen circumstances that may impact your timeline. It’s also important to let your driver know if you’re bringing additional guests into the vehicle, so they can make accommodations accordingly. This will help ensure a smooth, stress-free ride for everyone involved.

Don’t Smoke in the Limo

Renting a limousine for an event like prom, a wedding, or a party is a great way to add class and style to your evening. However, there are some simple etiquette rules that you must follow to ensure everyone has a great time and to help the driver avoid any problems during your rental.

For example, it is important not to smoke in the vehicle. If you do, it can smell up the entire car and damage the upholstery. Likewise, it’s important to be careful not to spill any food or drink in the limo and to take all trash with you when you leave. Many luxury car services charge a cleaning fee if any mess is left behind, so it’s best to leave the vehicle in as good a condition as you found it.

Another important piece of limo etiquette is to respect the driver and not treat them as an equal or peer. While the driver may be able to tolerate some rude behavior, they should not be subjected to vulgar language or hard partying. Limousine drivers are professionals and they need to feel safe in their workplace.

When it comes to entering the vehicle, remember that the driver is responsible for opening the door for passengers and they take this responsibility very seriously. It is considered rude to open the door yourself and enter or exit on your own. You should wait for the driver to approach the door and open it for you. They will also be able to offer you a beverage or snack while you are getting settled in the limousine, so make sure to thank them for their assistance.

Leave the Limo Clean

Limousines are often used as luxury transportation for celebratory events, weddings, and parties. Many of those who ride in limousines do so for the first time, and this can be a very exciting experience. However, it is important to remember the proper etiquette to ensure everyone has a pleasant time in the vehicle.

Keep in mind that the driver is a professional who is trying to curate a positive limousine experience for you and your guests. If you don’t show the utmost respect for the driver, this can affect how well your night out goes. For example, it’s impolite to name-call or show the driver any form of aggression. This is unprofessional and could make the limo drive uncomfortable and less enjoyable for you and your guests. It is also common courtesy to tip the driver at the end of your evening to show your appreciation for their work.

When you’re ready to leave the vehicle, please take all of your personal items with you. Also, be sure to remove any trash that has accumulated throughout the night. You don’t want to leave a mess behind for the driver and the limousine company to clean up after your event is over.

Leaving the limousine in good condition will make it easier for you to return to ride again in the future. It is also a sign of courtesy to the chauffeur and the limousine company, who will strive to keep their vehicles clean for every customer. Keep some Pledge Multi-Surface Wipes or a California VersaDuster on hand to quickly clean up drinks, food, and other messes. You can even use a makeup brush or Q-tips to reach into hard-to-reach spaces like cup holders and vents.